joli (madisonavenue) wrote in macs_lounge,

If you have a SOUL

So, entertainment, eh? Oh MacLounge.

THE BOONDOCKS on adult swim for Cartoon Network (AKA CN for all you fans out there) based very loosely on the cartoon strip in the Chicago Tribune, which has made me laugh for years, yes YEARS, premiered last night at around ten. I think. I don't remember.

Regardless, it was JAW-dropping hilarious. Like three times, and that's hard to do if you know me (yeah, make that easy stab I dare you). So this gets a nice two thumbs up from me and a dedicated fanbase.

On the Book note, anything with Neil Gaiman on the front where an author is supposed to be, is also high on my rec list. Sci-fi with that modern edge.. and a nice narrative for those who are into something called PLOT.

On the movie note, Saw II. I can't decide. Anyone else see it and have a major opinion?
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